Friday, 16 September 2016

Pre-Autumn Autumn style

Its that awkward time of year when it's cool half the day and scorching hot the other half. 

So that is why I thought that this week I would show you a few outfits put together on my Polyvore that are using layering techniques so that your not freezing in the morning and melting in the afternoon!

Outfit Number 1

Autumn OOTD 3 2016

This first look is great if you are wanting a, I just threw this on but I still look fab outfit, it's a very simply blue jeans you could wear black with a plain white tee, honestly you could get them anywhere from Primark to Topshop whatever float your boat/budget, what glam's the look up is the cape and handbag the cape I'm showing you is Burberry, but honestly, if you go to your local market over the weekend you can find really similar patterns and make your own I even did in a blog post a while ago click here to check out how your could make your own. If you don't fancy making one you can get them from your high street shops, however, I do still find them a bit pricey no where near as much as designers but  you can make them for a lot less. The bag is from peacocks you may want to sit when you hear the price, it's only £16.00 its amazing I couldn't believe it myself. The heals are Dorothy Perkins £38 for me the heels keep it fashionable if you get the warmth in the day and need to take your cape off.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes!

If your like me then you will have been watching The Great British Bake Off, if your not from the U.K you may not be familiar with it, but, simply it's amateur bakers competing in a marquee tent, in the hopes of becoming the next great British baker, when you explain it to someone it sounds odd if you haven't watched it, but it gets very tense and addictive to watch because if you love to bake you know sometimes it just doesn't go your way and the bake has another idea. 

This week in honour of bake off I though I would make lemon meringue cupcakes, now I do have to say I've never in my nearly 20 years of life have I ever attempted to make a meringue but I think it's all part of the learning curve here on my blog so here goes....